Spiritual Adoption: An Invitation

A few days ago, I wrote about abortion rights concerts that will be taking place in 30 cities across the US.

Since learning of this event, my heart has been downcast. So many souls affected. So many souls lost. As a pro-life person, I believe that life begins as conception. And at that conception, a soul is made alive.

Each of those souls have a meaning – have a purpose. I use the word “have” because even though they were physically aborted – it doesn’t negate the impact they have on the world. Those souls will always be with their parents; at the very least. People share their stories all the time of how an abortion brought a silver lining in a dark place. That little soul, loved by God, allowed their parents to have a conversion or help save another life down the road.

Today, I want to invite you to spiritually adopt an unborn child. It is just like it sounds: take on a child that has been aborted, name them, pray for them. They have a soul, they have value. With your prayers, you can give them that value. Naming them in turn blesses them. You allow them to not be forgotten.

After reading my abortion concert post, Amy from PrayerWineChocolate invited me to co-host her Spiritual Adoption Event on Facebook. I couldn’t be more honored. Left wondering what the world is coming to and that overbearing feeling that I can’t do anything to help, her invitation to me couldn’t come at a better time. I want to pass that invitation onto you.

Will you join us? From Sept 1 – Sept 15, please pray for the unborn.

Here are the links you’ll need:

Facebook Page: Spiritual Adoption.

A free PDF printable by Meg Florkowski :


Click to download PDF

Please comment below or on the Facebook event if you will be able to join us. If you’d like to read about a story of how this Spiritual Adoption prayer has worked before, visit Amy’s post here.

And I am interested: what will you baby’s name be?

xo, k


Abortion Concert: Focus on the Music

So, if you’re not doing anything Sept 10, 2016 & want to listen to some music, and get free beer and pizza, I have an interesting event for you. Come CELEBRATE DEATH. (<– not my words….)

Around the country, in 30 cities, Abortion Rights Concerts will be hosted. All free. Many offering free food & alcohol. All have headliners.

I ask the question: are we actually proud (honored, full of pride, happy, joyous) of our abortions? Of the 7-8 women that I know or have met that have shared with me their story of pregnancy ending in abortion, none of them are ecstatic about having to have made a choice to end their pregnancy. Some regret it. Some are ok with it. But none of them boast about it. They all rather forget about it.

I googled “abortion concert” and this was my result:

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 12.34.35 PM.png

Sia is taking over Google. And I find this all subconsciously accurate of our society. Freud anyone? The artist known as Sia has taken over the Billboard charts with the song Cheap Thrills. If you listen to Top 40, you know it. But interestingly, she is also known for her iconic hair. This is just her way of being artistic and I can get that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 1.00.03 PM.png

But isn’t it a bit interesting that the artist all over Google and “proud to be performing” at Cleveland’s abortion rights concert covers her face? She desires to be anonymous/cover up/not be seen for who she is when she performs. From the artist’s stand point, maybe she wants listeners to only hear the music and not be distracted by her, the person. Ok. Sure.

I say interesting because these abortion concerts will be doing the same – making the listeners focus on the music and not the people. We are partying and focusing on the lights, food, & music. We aren’t focusing on the the women or men who are affected by the choices they make. We aren’t focusing on the people who have emotions, hurts, feelings, stories, and healing. We are making them stay anonymous/faceless/personless. Because if you’re hurting, we don’t want to see you. We don’t want to deal with you. You’re being dramatic. 

You may regret an abortion. You may be ok with had having one. But I guarantee you aren’t excited that you made the choice.

xo, k

Mom Guilt 001: Morning Prayer

As of late, I have been slacking in my morning prayer. It’s a hit or miss endeavor. Is it because of the kids, or sleepiness, or pure laziness? Yes.

My morning goes a little something like this:

6:45 am : kids wake up. Husband gets them out of bed.  Every morning I want to get out of bed and get them, but my anxiety makes me ultra sleepy in the morning. It’s hard to get going within the first hour of waking. I’ve checked my thyroid – dr says its fine; so all I can assume is that it’s linked to the anxiety/hormones. Though this sounds like an excuse – its not. A real struggle not laziness. And blessed be my husband for his support in this small act of great love for me. 

7:00 am : kids come into the bedroom and play and scream and giggle and kindly demand waffles & bananas for breakfast.

7:15 am : kids eat. I stand dazed in the kitchen, microwaving day old coffee from the machine. I’ll forget about it for about 30 minutes until I think where’s the coffee?

7:16 am : sit down in my green glider by the fireplace, scroll Facebook & Insta; see what the other mom-friends are up to today. Ask myself why I’m always so tired in the morning? Contemplate getting up to brush my teeth.

7:45 am: where’s my coffee…? …reheat in the microwave…

8:00 am : kids finish up breakfast and start playing cars or chase in the house. dang it! I’ve left my coffee again. …reheat in the microwave x3…… 

The more-holier-mom-than-I would say “There! Right there! 7:16!! Do your prayers, girl! Yes. Yes I should be doing my prayers. That is the perfect time. Kids are occupied. I have a moment of “silence” and shouldn’t be spending that time on the internet.”

I should be praying. I should be saying my rosary. I should be doing that novena. I should be. I should be. I should be.

I think as a mom there is so much pressure to be perfect. As a striving catholic, its compounded. #winning. As a mother, I’m expected to take care of kids – keep them not only alive through food, shelter, and clothing, but make sure their sandwiches are Pinterest perfect and activities always perfectly curated. As a member of society, I’m expected to shower daily, have makeup on point, and a well thought out outfit that actually coordinates. As a catholic, many expect me to be in a constant state of prayer and able to always commit & follow through on multi-day prayer formats. Or even complete a full rosary in one sitting.

But I think I’ll say that that’s shit. All I hear in my head as I write that is guilt guilt guilt. Do more. Be more.

But He says BE STILL. ps. 46:10

He says  REST. ps. 62:5; matt 11:28; ex 33:14

It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. – Ps 127:2

I’m not saying skip morning prayer. Not purposefully. But I want to not beat myself up over it either. By me not praying perfectly everyday, all day, it doesn’t make me a bad catholic, bad person, or bad mom. It’s ok to have a moment to ourselves with day old cold coffee, before the madness officially starts.

Because if we do it right, being a mother is a vocation in of it self. Our vocation is supposed to be our prayer.

I understood that love comprises all vocations – that love is everything, and because it is eternal, embraces all times and places. – St. Therese of Lisieux

Don’t have mom-guilt. Self deprecation is not from Our God. Have mercy on yourself. Love your neighbor AS YOUR SELF. Because only when we love our self can we truly love our husband or kids or family … or neighbor. If we love, that is the greater part.

xo, k

How a Brow Pencil Got Me Through the Morning

After putting my brow pencil on – I think the birds starting chirping and the deer came frolicking through the yard – literally.

Today was going to be a rough one.

Our A/C broke yesterday, and in a Florida winter, that’s a major problem. #snowmageddon. With little sleep, I woke to two semi-ill babies. Thanks to Hubbs, I got to sleep in since he had a late day to the office. Little did I know that that would be my one, of a handful of, perks for the day. Continue reading “How a Brow Pencil Got Me Through the Morning”

Let Me Walk Upon The Waters

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me.” – Oceans, Lyrics by Hillsong United

This past weekend I attended a Young Adult Retreat in High Springs, FL. I was part of a group of about 75, looking to see what what in store in a retreat titled “Trust in the Lord.”

Many beautiful things happened during this weekend. And many memorable things too. I camped. ( I don’t camp – so this is quite memorable. Thank goodness it ended up being more like glamping!) I got food poisoning. Yikes! I took the beautiful 2 ½ hour drive solo and got to enjoy the Central Florida roads in springtime. We participated in mass everyday and read the Liturgy of the Hours. My small group leader was a smart, hilarious, devout, sassy nun from Connecticut (Sisters of Life) & we heard testimonies from other young adults & CFRs. Confession was offered all day (12 hours) on Saturday. A healing Eucharistic Procession took place. Of it all, the most impactful part of the weekend was both the Eucharistic Procession (a story for another time) and our 30 minute session of Lectio Divina.

Grab a cup of coffee & come back. I’m going to re-rewrite my exact words of what I journaled from Lectio Divina. This will be a little bit longer of a post, so really, grab that cup of coffee. I’ll wait.


April 5, 2014. Lectio Divina
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Lectio: Matthew 14:22-33 Walking on Water

It’s 4 am. Salty, cold air hitting the boat; whipping the face. Hands burning from pulling the ropes so hard. Sails blowing in the haphazard, wild gusts. The sea is charcoal, its jaws of white tipped waves biting at them.
When Jesus walked, though the waves hurled and the wind blew, they did not effect Him.
Peter yelled out “Command Me!”
Peter pulled up his robe. With both hands on the side of the unstable boat, he put one foot out onto the water – which felt even and sturdy. Then another foot. The disciples stood in silence. Peter walked. There was no noise. The waves could only be seen in his periphery.
Then Peter looked down.
He started to sink.


Peter asked Jesus to command to do something extraordinary. But Peter doubted Jesus – doubting that God could really perform a miracle using him, for him. Peter sank. Peter needed to be saved from his own request of the extraordinary.

“Command Me”


Jesus, I ask you to commission me. Recently, I’ve asked that you give me a mission as the missionary spirit has been stirring.
But I see Peter’s response and realize that I worry – once I get the extraordinary I doubt it – its truth, its awesomeness, its beauty, its grace.
I doubt the extraordinary. It’s so easy to distrust the extraordinary. I feel like extreme faith is needed. And that’s a faith I don’t think I have.
Help me to believe and trust the extraordinary. I live my life ignoring it. What about You in the Monstrance? What about all the graces You & Mother Mary provide? I act like it’s no big deal – no, I act like I say it exists but treat it like it really doesn’t. I don’t glorify You in these things. I do not boast  of You. I act egotistical. I act “too cool”. Let me soak in them and be drunk in them. Let me cherish them and appreciate them. Let me yearn for them and recognize the gift that they are when I encounter them.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Throughout the retreat the song “Oceans” followed me. And on the drive home. And I’ve heard it everyday on the radio since. I think God is calling me to hike up my robe, grab hold of the boat, and flip my feet over to the other side. Because “in oceans deep, my faith will stand.”

xo, k